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How to Become a Better, More Well-Rounded Runner

29th Jan, 2020



How to Become a Better, More Well-Rounded Runner

If you are looking to take your running abilities to the next level, then you should keep reading here. In this article, we are providing you with 5 foolproof ways to become a better, more well-rounded runner. Because it’s one with to dream of that big running improvement – and another to create it. 

Work and improve your endurance abilities

Even if you are just training for a 5k Race or something even shorter, you will have to get in your miles. Because endurance is not built by short runs, we recommend you up your daily, weekly or monthly training volume to improve your aerobic capacity. This will help you increase your speed endurance and help you sustain that pace you are aiming for during a race. It is important to mention, however, that making big jumps in training volume requires patience. Don`t overwork yourself. Slowly improve the length of your runs. 

Recovery is even more important than training

If you are not recovering well and not taking recovery seriously, you will set yourself up for injury and burnout. Recovery is essential for any athlete trying to improve. The best way to recover is by throwing in some recovery days in your training routine. Lower your mileage and slow down your pace on these recovery days. We also recommend you get sufficient amounts of sleep. 

You always hear people saying “You have to work hard to get better”, which is definitely true. But they forget to mention that you also have to recover well in order for your body to even work hard in the first place. 

Fuel your body right

Your car needs special fuel, so does your body. If you want your body to run on high performance, then you will need to increase your intake of healthy, nutrient-rich foods and decrease the intake of processed junk food. Processed foods are often the more convenient and inexpensive solution, but if you stay away from them and switch to real, nutrient-rich foods then you will see big improvements in your daily activities. 

Real foods contain nutrients that improve your cardiovascular health, the increase your recovery abilities, provide you with consistent levels of energy and result in better overall health. 

Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen

When you are going for a run after a long day at work, or after a hard week of time trials and long runs, remember why you are running. Enjoy the sport. A happy, positive runner performs much better and feels much more satisfied. If you go about your training routine with a positive instead of a negative attitude, you will see much better results in the long run. 

Never underestimate the power of persistence

Big improvements in running only happen if you dedicate yourself to improving and following the above-mentioned tips. It can be very difficult to measure progress on a daily basis so you should set weekly, monthly and even yearly goals for yourself and work every day to achieve these goals. Instead of running occasionally and skipping every other planned workout due to tiredness or bad weather, you should make running a default part of your life. This might be difficult in the beginning, but in the long term, this kind of persistence will work miracles on your abilities. 

If you follow the five above mentioned tips you will see positive results in your running progress. For some people these results may be noticeable very fast, and for some people it may take a bit longer to notice results. 



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