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Founded in July 1982, Randburg Harriers Running Club prides itself as being a running club that is family orientated. We have a variety of amenities and facilities available to our members.

  1. A professional club coach with a modern approach to coaching, including electronic media with videos, blogs and newsletters. Inclusive track coaching to all members, with personalized programs available to runners who need specialized training and coaching available from coach Clint.
  2. A welcoming club house.
  3. Plenty of shaded area.
  4. Huge parking area.
  5. Enormous safe playing area for the children.
  6. An engaging family orientated atmosphere.
  7. Light meals and snacks.
  8. Refreshing cold drinks and a well stocked pub.
  9. Member functions and social events.
  10. Volunteers and helpers events.
  11. Hospitality at race events by means of our club gazebo offering a cool shaded area to relax after a great run, and something to snack on and drink, hosted by the most amazing volunteers with the largest smiles and always ready to ask about how your race went.
  12. A safe place to leave your keys and valuables, as well as a portable changing ‘room’ at races where the gazebo is present.
  13. Recognizable club colours with personalization available direct from the club secretary.
  14. A membership consisting of world record holders and SA champions all the way to the new runner who is just getting started. We love running and we love runners. Whether you are an accomplished Comrades runner, or just starting our, we want to know you, we want to encourage you and be part of your running lifestyle.
  15. Our award ceremony for our Club Championships are held annually each year and athletes in each age category are recognised.
  16. Two fully supported club long runs per week. Saturday and Sunday runs with water and refreshments en-route and at the end. Printed maps are distributed at the start and support vehicle on duty. Routes change every time and vary from 10km to 35km and even further. There are always shorter options for every route on every club run to accommodate every fitness level and distance target. We care about your health and want you to remain injury free to keep running.
  17. One time trial per week. Thursday evening time trials at 5:45pm are the perfect early evening outings for the whole family. Get something to eat after the time trial and spend some quality time with the family without the cleaning and dish washing.
  18. We also participate as a club in Cross Country.
  19. We organise three main events a year:
    • The Valentines 10 km Road Race in February each year with well over 4000 participants.
    • The Easter 100 km – run over three days.
    • A 21/10 km road race in July.
  20. Randburg Harriers also provides support and assistance, in terms of our Athletics Development Policy, for promising or established athletes who are underprivileged, financially disadvantaged or historically disadvantaged. We support two Charities namely Wandsworth School (previously Wiggles and Squiggles); a school for children with special needs; and the Anne Harding Cheshire Homes – established to assist those with physical disabilities.
  21. Active digital communications and social media – dynamic website with rich multimedia (www.RandburgHarriers.co.za), open access Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/RandburgHarriers), Twitter (@RandburgH), our very own YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/c/RandburgHarriersZARC) and a gorgeously designed weekly newsletter sent directly to your inbox.
  22. A hands-on, runners needs filling committee with many years experience determined to make your membership as rewarding as it can possibly be.