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The Benefits of Joining a Running Club!

21st Jan, 2020


Running is one of the greatest sports on earth. All you need is a pair of shoes and you are ready to go run wherever and whenever you want. No opening times, no crowds waiting in line, no expensive equipment – just you and nature, or the treadmill. But running by yourself can be quite boring sometimes so we are providing you with 7 reasons why joining a running club like the Randburg Harriers has huge benefits for you and your running abilities.

Joining a running club could be one of the best decisions you ever make. No matter if you are a hobby runner who is trying to stay active, or if you are an experienced athlete competing in local timed runs, you will benefit from joining a running club. The following 7 benefits will help you feel confident in your decision to join a local running club.

1. Make new friends with similar goals and mindset

Runners are known to be friendly, outgoing and very social. Especially people that join a running club, because after all, the main reason why you join a running club is because you want to run with other people and not by yourself. Running Clubs are filled with outgoing and likeminded people with strong interests in running and personal fitness. And since you are reading this, you are one of these people.

Having running friends with similar goals will help you come back each week and run together to reach your goals and maintain your fitness level.

Often these newly created friendships go well beyond the running club. Most members of the Randburg Harriers are also well connected when not wearing running shoes. Humans are social creatures, running in a group instead of by yourself only makes sense. Especially when it helps you create lifelong friendships.

2. Find variety in your training routine

If you have been running for a while, you know that it’s very easy to follow a monotonous routine. Running for the same time, the same route and the same speed every day is very easy and gets boring quickly (for most people). While it’s great for consistency, it’s not so great for your overall motivation.

Joining a running club will help you spice up your daily or weekly routine. The coaches will encourage you to mix things up and create running workouts that will definitely not take away the fun. With many new and exciting routes, as well as different kinds of training sessions, you will start to love running even more than you already do.

Simply put, when joining a running club you will add variety to your training and your interest in this great sport will definitely not fade away.

3. You will learn to challenge yourself

When you join a running club, you will most probably start being around people that are more experienced and better-conditioned runners than you are. Ultimately this will help you become a better runner because you will learn from them and benefit from their experience.

Running by yourself or with runners that are about on the same level as you, will not give you the same results as running with people that are more experienced. It’s much easier to push yourself to run faster and longer with people around you that motivate you and that are better than you.

Now, of course, you won’t be forced to push yourself when you join a running club. If you are just looking for the social aspect and not trying to make huge improvements to your running then you will definitely find like-minded runners in any club. In general, you will find coaches and runners that will help you plan your training, pace yourself and give you practical and beneficial challenges for your workouts.

4. You will become a more well-rounded runner

Joining a running club means that you will be around people that have a lot of knowledge and passion about running. You can learn so much from the enthusiastic runners in these clubs.

Aside from discussing newly released equipment like GPS watches, running shoes, running clothing and other great gadgets, you will also get the tips and tricks that have worked for many other people before you. So, chances are you will benefit from them as well and

5. You will be able to enter competitions and have fun doing so

A lot of runners get anxious when they hear the word competition. They associate competitions with a fight and tensions between competitors. But this is simply not the case when it comes to your local running competitions or even the friendly competition you are facing within your running club while training.

When you join a local running club you will start your own competitions with the members. You will want to be a bit quicker, run a bit longer and have a better form than other runners because you want to impress them. This is a normal development and with the motivation, you gain from trying to be better than others in your group, you will push your abilities to the next level.

Aside from the friendly competitions within your running club, there are also “real” competitions where you can sign up for and participate. Often this is not an option for runners because they don’t want to run by themselves and not know anyone at the competition.

When you join a local running club, competitions will never be the same. Because you will always have other members from the club at these competitions and there will be a certain team dynamic that will help you overcome any fear or uncertainty and push you to great results.

Your running clubs team mates will also tell you about the experiences they have made at certain competitions in your region and suggest the best ones to participate in for you.

After all, competition in sports and life serves a great purpose. It will help you constantly improve yourself and not plateau in your running abilities.

6. You will get access to great coaches and great sources of advice

One of the greatest benefits of joining a running club is the advice and knowledge that is passed on to you from the many coaches and experienced runners in the club.

Depending on which club you chose to join, there will be a monthly or annual fee that will get you a luxury that many runners wish they had – access to a structured workout plan and a coach that will help you take your running to the next level.

Running coaches generally have one goal, and that’s to help you become a better runner and pass on their knowledge to you. By designing custom-fit training plans, nutrition plans and helping you improve your technique and mental strength you will get access to all the

7. You don`t have to run by yourself and will feel safer while working out

Running by yourself can be dangerous, especially at night time. When you join a running club this will not be a problem anymore. Running in a group will give you a sense of safety and comfort no matter what time of the day it is.

With multiple runners wearing bright-coloured clothing you are much more visible to drivers and anyone nearby. Especially during the autumn and winter months, when the sun is already long gone after most people get done with work, it is very beneficial to run in a group instead of by yourself.

But how can you find the right running club for you?

Before choosing a running club to sign up for, it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve by joining a club. There are many clubs that offer man different running groups and membership benefits.

Running clubs usually offer a well-rounded mixture between amateur runners and faster, more competitive runners. Randburg Harriers Running Club welcomes athletes of all abilities. Whether you are just starting or are an experienced athlete, we would love to have you as a member. A club membership entitles you to full use of the Club Facilities, Club House and the various training events on the Club program.

Each membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and includes a license fee to CGA/ASA. During your time at the Randburg Harriers Running Club, we encourage you to become involved in the club organisation, particularly as a marshal at our three main events and to assist at least one Thursday per year at the club time trial.

Every Thursday we hold our weekly Club Time Trial which attracts several hundred participants and is a great way for you to check your form and improvements, and to enjoy a fun and active afternoon with friends.

More information about the Randburg Harriers Running Club and our memberships can be found here.

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