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Easter 100

Randburg Harriers presents the 38th Edition of the Easter 100, an annual tradition where runners particpate to run 100 km over 3 days of the Easter weekend! We know that public holidays were made for running and this is a chance to include your friends and family and go the extra mile with them. You can run 100km in 3 days in a fun safe environment with groups of runners at all different paces. Once all 3 days are completed you will receive your well-earned t-shirt! Water points are well stocked with easter eggs and drinks to keep you going. You may also run one of the days or shorter distances, t-shirts and buffs will be for sale on all days while stocks last! Sunday is Family Day bring the family for a 5km fun run, pack your braai tongs and join in the festivity with a bring and braai, Easter Egg hunt for the kids and some beverages of your choice! Book your spot now https://bit.ly/RandburgEaster100

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Running is one of the greatest sports on earth. All you need is a pair of shoes and you are ready to go run wherever and whenever you want. No opening times, no crowds waiting in line, no expensive equipment – just you and nature, or the treadmill. But running by yourself can be quite boring sometimes so we are providing you with 7 reasons why joining a running club like the Randburg Harriers has huge benefits for you and your running abilities.

Joining a running club could be one of the best decisions you ever make. No matter if you are a hobby runner who is trying to stay active, or if you are an experienced athlete competing in local timed runs, you will benefit from joining a running club. The following 7 benefits will help you feel confident in your decision to join a local running club... <click below for more>




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Cross country takes place during the winter months and takes place on varying terrains and in various areas.